Where to Buy Stamps Right Now

Say you are in a different city or even state and you find that perfect postcard for your mom or wife and the store or place you purchased the postcard does not sell stamps. not sure why but they don’t. where are you going to get your stamps? The most obvious place is the post office. But you’re not from this city so where would the post office be? And how far is it? Don’t worry there are lots of other places that sell stamps.

Buy Stamps At Walgreens

You can buy stamps at Walgreens and other pharmacies. Not all pharmacies carry stamps but the big ones normally do, like RiteAid and CVS. If you’re not sure call before you go there and also ask where they are located.

where to buy stamps

Buying Postage Stamps

Keep in mind when you’re buying postage stamps it is sometimes best to buy only a few or a booklet. if you don’t send letters or postcards out to munch than a few stamps would be your best option, however, if you are sending a lot of letters out or postcards buying the book will save you money and time.

Where Can I Get Postage Stamps?

I came up with 6 other places to get postage stamps and where to buy stamps!

1; Banks, Just remember not all banks are open at all times, but they will have stamps that you can buy, also keep in mind they might not have anything you need to send the postcard or letter.

2: Walmart, Every city or large town as a Walmart, one of the reasons this is the best place to get stamps is that they normally are open 24 hours 7 days a week. but the downside is they only normally sell books of stamps, and if you only need one or two you have to buy a whole book. which in the long run will save you money. The other problem is sometimes you have to stand in line for awhile and to get a book of stamps that is a pain.

3: Office supply stores, These places are great because you can also get the other supplies you might need, like a pen to write with etc. Store like Office Max and Staples are in most large cities, however even in small towns there usually a mailing or office supply store. Also, U-haul and moving companies will have stamps too.

4: Grocery Stores, most of the bigger chain grocery stores, Albertsons and Smiths, will sell stamps, but sometimes the smaller mom and pop ones will too. with the smaller ones you just never know. but if you live by or visit a lot ask them if they order you some or start to sell them, they might you never know.

5: ATM’s; Yes that is right a lot of ATMs are now selling stamps, this is great for the convinces and if you only need a few you don’t have to buy a whole book. Now not all items are selling stamps yet, but I am sure in the future they all will.

6: Online, Buying postage stamps online maybe one of the most convenient ways to get your stamps, you can have them send to the hotel or place you are staying. Where to buy stamps online? That is a good question, the best place is to order them from the post office, the stamps are already there so it should not take long to get them. The other places you can them is at large stores like Walmart and also Amazon.